Rates and conditions

The fees for the professional activity of tour guide in Rome are calculated in order to guarantee the best price to the customer and make it proportional to the service. The final cost may vary depending on the program requested, its duration and the number of participants, and it is always agreed in advance.

Here are the basic rates* for a standard tour up to 15 people:

Half day tour (up to 3 hr): €140

Full day tour (up to 6 hr): €250

Extra hour: €40

Extra people beyond 15: €2,50 each

Not included entry tickets for museums and archaeological sites (booking in advance is always recommended, and in some cases mandatory), the rental of the earphones (where required and however over 8 people) and transport.

Any cancellations should be communicated as soon as possible within 3 days** from the beginning of the tour.

I recommend to contact me in advance to define the most suitable tour to your requests and to arrange a quote.


* Extra charge may apply on major holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc) and for night service.

** Waiver within 3 days from the beginning of the tour does not imply a penalty, within 72-24 hours payment of 50% of the agreed fee, less than 24 hours or no-show of 100%.

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